Thought Leader Management Team Resources and Structure


Thought Leader Development Series (Module 3)

This module explores thought leader management team structure, changes in staffing numbers and examples of budgets for teams of varying sizes and locations.  Sixteen team profiles cover resource levels as well as thought leader segmentation criteria.  Additional findings show how thought leader management teams build centralized oversight and measure the success of outsourced initiatives.

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Thought Leader Management Team Report Details

Thought Leader Management Team Resources and Structure is the third of the 4-part  Thought Leader Development SeriesThis module explores how companies structure their thought leader management team and manage changes in staffing numbers, and it provides examples of budgets for teams of varying sizes and locations.

Additionally, the module profiles 16 teams’ staffing, structure and budget along with their thought leader segmentation criteria.  In developing this researchCEI analysts surveyed 70 thought leader management executives at leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. 

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Top Reasons to Buy Thought Leader Management Team Resources and Structure

Use this module to learn how other companies structure their thought leader management teams: A thought leader management team can have various structures, budgets and staffing needs, which are often based on company size and team region.  This module discusses overall team structure, staffing numbers and budgets for thought leader management teams from several diverse teams.  Together, these data can be used to create a structure that is best for your team.   

Examine changes in thought leader management team staffing numbersFactors such as product type, company size and lifecycle phase all impact thought leader management team staffing. The module discusses how these factors contribute to the number of full-time equivalents and outsourced staff play into right-sizing a thought leader management team.  

View examples of budgets for teams of varying sizes and locationsThere are many factors that affect thought leader management team budgets.  Thought Leader Management Team Resources and Structure details some of the factors that various companies use to allocate their budgets each year. 

Outsourcing Thought Leader Management FTEs 

Thought leader management teams will often outsource for some of their staff. According to an interviewed Company A consultant, about half of thought leader management FTEs are outsourced. “Once you have the variables down as to what you are looking for, you definitely outsource that process, and then you go from there as to whether or not the outsourced vendor is hitting on what you believe are those targets.” 

Figure 3.1.8 shows the total number of in-house and outsourced thought leader management FTEs in 2017 for global teams. 

  • Only 12.5% of surveyed teams outsource any thought leader management FTEs. 
  • Company 16, a small company team, outsources one full FTEs. 
  • The two global teams with the highest FTEs are small company teams — Company 8 and Company 16. 
  • Global teams average 2.6 in-house FTEs for thought leader management. 

Examples of Companies that Have Participated in This Study: