Thought Leader Development Series


This four-part series focuses on thought leader development.  Cutting Edge Information collected benchmark data, interviewed several industry leaders and surveyed 70 thought leader management executives at leading life science companies.  Our analysts gathered quantitative and qualitative insights to identify best practices for overcoming the challenges of identifying and engaging with thought leaders; segmenting these healthcare providers; and right-sizing a thought leader management team, staff and budgets.  

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  • With a subscription to the thought leader development series, you will receive a new module as each module is published. Each module contains data analysis and innovative insights on the various elements needed to successfully manage thought leader teams.   
  • Read through best practices and analyze benchmarks associated with thought leader management. In developing the Thought Leader Development Series, we collected surveys from thought leader management executives at a number of top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.  Teams can use the data from this series to support decision making for structuring thought leader management teams, staffing and budgets. 
  • Use the profiles shared in the series to customize a thought leader management strategy that is best suited to your company and its products: Read examples of how other companies structure their thought leader management teams.  Additionally, the profiles presented in the Thought Leader Development Series share examples of budgets for teams of varying sizes and geographic regions. 

Use the data in this series to: 

  • Learn the tools to identify and engage with thought leaders. 
  • Implement best practices for segmenting thought leaders. 
  • Benchmark your team’s structures, staffing and budgets. 
  • Manage CRM systems to track interactions with thought leaders. 

Below is a list of the modules in the Thought Leader Development Series: 

  1. Engaging Thought Leaders 
  2. Segmenting Thought Leaders
  3. Thought Leader Management Team Resources and Structure
  4. Thought Leader CRM Database Management