Strategic Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence


Restructure your team for success by raising pharmaceutical competitive intelligence’s (CI) profile, developing strong reporting lines and claiming a role in the strategic decision-making process. CI team budgets have gradually increased since 2007, but many groups still withstand crippling cycles of expansions and cutbacks. Escape the resource roller coaster to secure budgets and staffing — and establish the value of CI within the larger organization. Along the way, build a culture of competitive intelligence that reaches across functions to collect and share critical information wherever it appears.

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Publication Date: November 2010
Pages: 148
Chapters: 3
Metrics: 350+
Charts/Graphics: 90+

Top Reasons to Buy This Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Report

Pharmaceutical competitive intelligence teams succeed when they’re visible, report to strategic planners and C-level executives and focus on pure CI-related activities. This study provides critical benchmarks to help your company.

Restructure the Competitive Intelligence Team for Success: Make sure your pharmaceutical competitive intelligence team does not stay buried in the organizational structure. Learn how to develop proper reporting lines and implement a more strategic organizational structure that will provide greater visibility and generate greater strategic impact.

Win Higher CI Budgets: Did you know that pharmaceutical competitive intelligence team budgets have gradually increased since 2007? Has yours? Learn why top-notch companies are funding competitive intelligence with greater investments year after year — and how they reap the benefits of their increasingly important teams.

Create a Competitive Intelligence Culture: Although competitive intelligence teams remain small, many companies do not rely solely on CI groups to do all the work. Learn how companies establish a culture of competitive intelligence to collect and share valuable information throughout the organization.

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Excerpt from Strategic Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence

Though many companies understand the incredible strategic value and decision-support services that competitive intelligence teams provide, there is still a good percentage of companies, ranging from top-five pharmaceutical firms to small companies, that undervalue competitive intelligence. These companies bury competitive intelligence, keeping CI teams far away from the executives who guide corporate strategic decision making. They do not provide dedicated budgets or adequate staffing, which would allow CI groups to evolve to more sophisticated levels of service. These companies do not insulate their CI teams to protect them from the industry’s ebbs and flows, leading to the tearing down and rebuilding of CI in an unending cycle.