Segmenting Thought Leaders


Thought Leader Development Series (Module 2)

The second module in a four-part series that provides a comprehensive picture of thought leader segmentation strategies and tactics that pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies utilize.

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Segmenting Thought Leaders: Thought Leader Development Series


Segmenting Thought Leaders is the second module in the 4-part Thought Leader Development SeriesThis module discusses some of the most common criteria that company teams use to segment thought leaders into tiers.  It also provides detailed segmentation data that teams can use to adjust their thought leader criteria requirements. In developing this series module, Cutting Edge Information’s analysts surveyed 70 thought leader management executives at leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

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Top Reasons to Buy Segmenting Thought Leaders (Module 2)


Set and realign your thought leader segmentation criteria:  The research in this series module uncovers the criteria that management teams use to differentiate HCPs and segmenting thought leaders into distinct tiers.  Although many teams use traditional criteria, several unique methods are used to group together some of the most prestigious medical experts.  

Use segmentation data to adjust your thought leader criteria requirementsThis module breaks down thought leader segmentation data by company size, team region, country and therapeutic area.  Use the data in Segmenting Thought Leaders to decide which level of thought leaders would be best for your scientific and promotional activities. 

Excerpt from Segmenting Thought Leaders

Exceptional Tier Thought Leaders

Company teams traditionally segment thought leaders into three distinct tiers. Cutting Edge Information analysts have identified a fourth tier that teams increasingly use to categorize extremely influential thought leaders. Exceptional Tier HCPs are those whose qualifications and influence far exceed most Tier 1 thought leaders. These exceptional HCPs are uncommon due to their extraordinary renown and expertise. 

This section presents criteria for Exceptional Tier thought leaders. These quantitative measures describe exceptional thought leaders’ qualifications and their level of influence over treatment decisions. 

Thought leaders in an Exceptional Tier are highly experienced medical experts. In addition, they are very actively engaged in promotional and scientific activities with company teams. Figure 2.1.6 shows the average Exceptional Tier thought leader experience and engagement criteria. Metrics include the average number of years of clinical experience and the number of publications, speeches and advisory boards that these thought leaders participate in per year

Examples of companies that have participated in this study: