Planning Medical Abstracts and Manuscripts

Planning Medical Abstracts and Manuscripts


Medical Affairs Product Launch Series (Module 1.5)

Planning Medical Abstracts and Manuscripts is the fifth module in the 10-part Medical Affairs Product Launch Series.  This module provides data about medical publications teams’ resources and activity levels throughout the launch window. It describes how strategies for medical abstracts and manuscripts unfold as products progress through the lifecycle. 




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Planning Medical Abstracts and Manuscripts

Planning Medical Abstracts and Manuscripts is the fifth module in the 10-part Medical Affairs Product Launch Series. Based on primary research collected directly from executives leading top medical affairs teams, this module showcases innovations at these companies’ medical publications teams.  This module also contains profiles outlining how teams supporting common, niche or blockbuster products execute their publications strategies.  In developing this module, Cutting Edge Information’s analysts collected surveys from and consulted with a series of medical affairs leaders at several top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.  Highlights include medical publications staffing and budget allocation, as well as benchmarks on medical abstracts and manuscripts, during the launch window.

  • Publication Date: May 2017
  • Pages: 46
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Report Features

Develop best practices and use key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage annual medical abstracts and manuscripts publication levels. Avoiding unnecessary or redundant publications will strengthen overall medical communication with healthcare audiences.  It will also make your medical publications team more efficient.  Use this module’s data to help ensure that your team strategically plans medical abstracts and manuscripts to provide support for the entire product lifecycle.

Reasons to Buy

Benchmark your team’s medical publications resources in the years immediately surrounding product launch. Determining the number of publications activities necessary to support a new product depends on many factors, including team region, product type and lifecycle.  Use the benchmarks in this module to align your company’s resources with anticipated medical abstracts and manuscripts activity levels throughout the launch window.

Evaluate case studies of individual medical publications teams to defend or justify your team’s needs. Surveyed medical affairs teams’ resources and KPIs change throughout the launch window. Through detailed profiles, this research study examines the allocation of medical publications staffing, budgets, abstracts and manuscripts among surveyed teams throughout the launch window.

Target Audience

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device executives in the following departments will find the best practices and benchmarks in this study most useful when making strategic decisions:
– Medical publications
– Medical information
– Medical communications
– Medical affairs
– Medical education
– Medical writing
– Clinical development

Chapter Example

In the report, this section presents profiles of how surveyed teams’ resources and KPIs change throughout the launch window.

Company 92 (Blockbuster Product): Small Company 92 has the only profiled  team supporting a blockbuster product.  Like several organizations supporting other product types, Company 92 does not reach maximum resource allocation and product output levels during the same product development stages (Figure 1.5.22).  This US team does not report any dedicated publications staff prior to a year before product launch.  One year before launch, Company 92’s US  team dedicates a single publication FTE — and retains this staff member  beyond product launch.

Company 92’s US team reports its highest publications spending during product launch year.  During launch year, the team spends $400,000 on medical publications.  By comparison, it dedicates $200,000 one year prior to launch and $300,000 during the product’s first year on the market.  Company 92 produces the most abstracts during product launch year.  This team also writes seven manuscripts during this time.  However, the team publishes its highest number of manuscripts — eight — during the product’s first year on the market.