Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions


Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions guides you to build an M&A plan that focuses on key goals, avoids costly mistakes, and realizes deal potential as quickly as possible. CEI designed this study to identify the primary drivers of M&A activity. Through the input of pharma industry leaders, our study provides solutions to the biggest M&A pitfalls and gives clear insight of trends in pharmaceutical deals. Find timelines, rankings, and strategies that will allow you to build a competitive deal-making process and accelerate the integration process. Review our analysis of the top 75 deals of 2008-09 and discover purchasing trends, including price/ pipeline ratios; financing options; and deal motivators. Finally, compare your deal with others by examining 19 in-depth deal profiles.

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Top Reasons to read this Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions Report

Understand the Pharmaceutical Merger and Acquisition Environment:  Learn what is driving the pharmaceutical merger strategies of top companies — and how other organizations are seeking suitors for their own sales.

Build a Competitive Deal-Making Process: Target the right deals with an M&A task force, implement a timeline that works for both sides, and track different types of financing across deals brokered by companies of different sizes.

Complete the Integration as Soon as Possible and Boost Productivity:  Build an integration timeline, clarify roles and responsibilities in the new organization and reduce the impact of attrition.

Learn from the Past Pharmaceutical Merger Activity: We’ve vetted 75 pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions to determine purchasing trends, including price/pipeline ratios, financing options and deal motivators.

Look into the Pharmaceutical Merger and Acquisitions Future: Gather perspectives and predictions on future deals from the managers who execute them.

Compare your Deal to Others: Use the deal profiles to compare metrics for 19 different deals, explore deal size, functional involvement in deal-making, timelines, challenges and employee retention.

Key Questions this Report Answers about Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. What are the proper stakeholders that should be involved int he decision-making process?
  2. What does an integration timeline look like?
  3. How can a company prepare for the cultural integration of a recently acquired company?
  4. How does a potential deal measure up against others?
  5. What is driving purchasing decisions of top pharma companies?
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