Pharmaceutical Marketing


Pharmaceutical Marketing: Reevaluate Digital Trends and Metrics for Social Media and Mobile Success explores the specific objectives, platforms and ROI metrics that teams employ in digital marketing, as well as team structures and resources.  Additionally, the research examines exciting and potentially concerning trends in the digital marketing sphere.

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Pharmaceutical Marketing: Reevaluate Digital Trends and Metrics for Social Media and Mobile Success

  • Publication Date: July 2017
  • Number of pages: 49
  • Metrics: 250+
  • Charts/Graphics: 45+

Top Reasons to Buy Pharmaceutical Marketing 


Distinguish the most effective metrics and methods for evaluating pharmaceutical marketing initiatives:  Calculating return on investment (ROI) of pharmaceutical marketing digital initiatives is difficult.  This report discusses who is responsible for developing ROI strategy, the hard and soft metrics that teams use to measure the success of initiatives and the impact of these metrics when evaluating ROI.

Consult real-world examples for guidance on how to best allocate your pharmaceutical marketing budget: Aggregate data in this report include a breakdown of a brand’s marketing budget dedicated to different digital channels as well as specific types of traditional media. This study also examines profiles of individual brands and companies to see brand-level and overarching corporate pharmaceutical marketing spend.  Use the data presented to see how your company’s digital initiatives compare to others in the industry.

Identify exciting — and potentially concerning — pharmaceutical digital marketing trends: Technology offers many opportunities in digital pharmaceutical marketing.  But it can also be overwhelming to those who are implementing the strategy.  This research presents data and direct insights from leading life science executives that discuss the challenges and opportunities that digital marketing brings to the pharma landscape.

Excerpt from Pharmaceutical Marketing 


Digital marketing strategy has two main aspects: developing the strategy and then executing the associated tactics. The most commonly involved group when designing digital strategies is marketing (100%) followed by outside agencies or vendors (86%) (Figure 8). In these strategy meetings, teams consider several factors, including the target patient population, therapeutic area and geographic region. According to the interviewed consultant, region can affect strategies because each country has its own pharma marketing rules and regulations. For instance, the interviewed executive explains that the US and Europe have more stringent regulations about digital marketing than emerging markets.

Examples of Companies that Have Participated in This Study:

Table of Contents

9             Digital Marketing Trends

12           Digital Marketing Team Structure

15           Planning and Executing Digital Strategies

18           Social Media and Mobile Initiatives

23           Measuring Digital Initiative ROI

28           Brand Digital Marketing Budget Allocation

32           Brand Budget Profiles

45           Corporate Digital Marketing Budget Profiles


7             Figure i: Cutting Edge Information Research Methodology

8             Figure ii: Company Blinding

9             Digital Marketing Trends

10           Figure 1: Exciting Trends in Digital Marketing

11           Figure 2: Leading Challenges in Digital Marketing

12           Figure 3: Percentage of Teams with Dedicated Digital Marketing Groups

12           Digital Marketing Team Structure

13           Figure 4: Age of Dedicated Digital Marketing Groups

13           Figure 5: Percentage of Dedicated Digital Marketing Groups Reporting to Specific Departments

14           Figure 6: Level of Executive Heading the Digital Marketing Group

14           Figure 7: Structure of Dedicated Digital Marketing Groups

15           Planning and Executing Digital Strategies

15           Figure 8: Functions Involved in Developing Digital Marketing Strategy

17           Figure 9: Type of Agency Assisting Teams with Their Digital Strategies

17           Figure 10: How Teams Share Digital Strategy Development and Execution with Agencies

18           Social Media and Mobile Initiatives

19           Figure 11: Length of Time Teams Have Been Using Social Media and Mobile in Their Digital Marketing Strategies

20           Figure 12: Social Media and Mobile Objectives

21           Figure 13: Social Media Forums Teams Are Using Within the Next 1–2 Years

21           Figure 14: Types of Mobile Applications Used in Digital Initiatives

22           Figure 15: Primary Target Users for Teams’ Mobile Apps

22           Figure 16: Percentage of Activities Kept In-House When Developing a Mobile App

23           Measuring Digital Initiative ROI

24           Figure 17: Group Responsible for Developing ROI Strategy

24           Figure 18: Percentage of Teams Evaluating Digital Marketing ROI by Channel or Comprehensively

25           Figure 19: Methods Teams Use to Measure ROI of Their Digital Marketing Strategies

25           Figure 20: Metrics Used to Gauge Digital Marketing Initiative Success

26           Figure 21: Ratings of Metric Impact in Evaluating Digital Marketing Initiatives

26           Figure 22: Methods Used to Determine Which Channels Are Most Effective in Engaging Users

27           Figure 23: Ratings of Challenges in Calculating Digital Marketing Initiative ROI

27           Figure 24: Number of Months After Launching a Marketing Program When the Team Beings Evaluating ROI

28           Brand Digital Marketing Budget Allocation

29           Figure 25: Percentage of Brand’s Marketing Budget Dedicated to Specific Activities: 2017

29           Figure 26: Percentage of Funding from Different Sources for Brand’s Digital Marketing Activities

30           Figure 27: Brand’s Annual Digital Marketing Budget, by Year

30           Figure 28: Percentage of Brand’s Digital Marketing Budget Dedicated to Specific Activities: 2017

31           Figure 29: Percentage of Brand’s Total Digital Marketing Budget Spent Throughout the Product Lifecycle

32           Brand Budget Profiles

33           Figure 30: Company 4: Digital Marketing Budget

34           Figure 31: Company 4: Budget Allocation

35           Figure 32: Company 6: Digital Marketing Budget

36           Figure 33: Company 6: Budget Allocation

37           Figure 34: Company 7: Digital Marketing Budget

38           Figure 35: Company 7: Budget Allocation

39           Figure 36: Company 8: Digital Marketing Budget

40           Figure 37: Company 8: Budget Allocation

41           Figure 38: Company 9: Digital Marketing Budget

42           Figure 39: Company 9: Budget Allocation

43           Figure 40: Company 14: Digital Marketing Budget

44           Figure 41: Company 14: Budget Allocation

45           Corporate Digital Marketing Budget Profiles

46           Figure 42: Company 2: Digital Marketing Budget

47           Figure 43: Company 2: Budget Allocation

48           Figure 44: Company 12: Digital Marketing Budget

49           Figure 45: Company 12: Budget Allocation