Pharmaceutical Launch Sequencing


Setting a global launch sequence for pharmaceutical products requires extensive research, planning and coordination.  Use this report to establish and improve cross-functional coordination, a crucial aspect to managing launch sequences, and work with regulatory teams to manage the licensing cascade.  Set clear roles for final responsibility for approving launch sequences, and understand the latest trends in launches across all market types and launch waves.

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Top Reasons to Read This Pharmaceutical Launch Sequencing Report

Establish and improve cross-functional coordination: Cross-functional coordination is crucial to managing launch sequences. It is especially important when working with regulatory teams to manage the licensing cascade. This study includes detailed best practices and strategies for how companies should work across functions within the organization to coordinate launch sequencing and provide important regulatory and market guidance to shape the product launch. It also includes global launch sequencing budgets and which US or global groups contribute the highest spend.

Involve C-suite executives in final launch sequence approvals: Because launch sequencing has such a large impact on a brand’s potential revenue, C-level executives are best positioned to review and approve plans. This benchmarking study provides detailed data on the composition of committees that determine pharmaceutical launch sequences. It also provides discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of employing dedicated launch sequencing committees.

Shift emerging markets to second wave launches: Large and comparatively wealthy US and European markets are typically high priorities for first launch waves. However, heavily populated emerging markets, such as the BRIC nations, are more commonly following in second wave launches. This report includes data analysis to support moving emerging market launches earlier in the launch sequence. Data include launch sequencing comparisons between 2012 and 2015 earlier in the launch sequence. Data include launch sequencing comparisons between 2012 and 2015.

Key Questions That This Study Answers About Pharmaceutical Launch Sequencing

  1. What strategies can my company employ to improve cross-functional coordination of pharma launch sequencing tasks?
  2. What is the best approach for my product: an adjustable launch sequencing template or an individual plan customized to the product?
  3. What factors drive decision making in pharmaceutical launch sequencing? Who should have final decision-making responsibility?
  4. How much should my company allocate to global pharmaceutical launch sequencing spending?
  5. How does geography impact budget levels, and what studies/tools should be prioritized when setting launch sequencing budgets?
  6. How can my company boost communication and launch sequencing involvement from regulatory teams to facilitate a successful licensing cascade?
  7. What are the latest trends in pharmaceutical launch sequencing and product excellence that could affect launch strategies moving forward?
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