Pharmaceutical Key Opinion Leader Management


As the number of available Pharmaceutical Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) dwindles due to increased transparency and institutional restrictions on physician-pharma relationships, finding the right thought leaders becomes increasingly important. Use the report to create centralized KOL development teams to identify, recruit and manage relationships with top KOLs. Set criteria to pinpoint up-and-coming thought leaders at the global, national and regional level. Benchmark extensive thought leader segmentation data split by KOL tier, company size and 26 individual therapeutic areas..

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Top Reasons to Review This Pharmaceutical Key Opinion Leader Management Report

Benchmark extensive pharmaceutical key opinion leader segmentation data: Compare Tier 1, 2 and 3 pharmaceutical key opinion leader profiles across a wide range of data splits, including five company types and 26 individual therapeutic areas. Examine the most common segmentation criteria among top-performing pharmaceutical companies, including number of publications, years of clinical experience, speaking ability and much more. Weigh the importance of specific criteria in influencing KOL segmentation and fair-market value decisions.

Identify and recruit global, national and regional pharmaceutical key opinion leader: Leverage internal and external expertise to pinpoint up-and-coming pharmaceutical key opinion leader at all levels of geographic influence. Track the number of KOL relationships companies maintain at the global level, as well as within the US and Europe to benchmark your team’s needs. Prepare companywide KOL pools that thrive even after the Sunshine Act’s full implementation.

Create centralized KOL development teams: Explore profiles other top-performing thought leader development teams to structure and right-size your group. Empower teams to maintain pharmaceutical key opinion leader relationships and companywide KOL databases and manage them by assigning centralized ownership. Benchmark pharmaceutical key opinion leader team spending and staffing patterns across global groups, along with US and individual European markets.

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Key Questions that This Study Answers About Pharmaceutical Key Opinion Leaders Management

  1. What criteria do thought leader management groups use to segment pharmaceutical key opinion leaders?
  2. How high are thought leader management teams’ budgets at different companies within the life sciences industry?
  3. How many FTEs are needed to facilitate efficient thought leader management operations?
  4. How do groups determine thought leader compensation limits?
  5. What types of thought leader management databases do teams use and who has ultimate responsibility for those databases?