Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing


Use this report to develop digital marketing strategies that complement healthcare audiences’ increased digital presence. Companies worldwide deploy social media platforms, mobile websites and mobile applications to reach their target audiences. These channels provide information on disease states, treatment options and branded products. Report findings focus on existing digital marketing budgets, structures and media mixes — including the extent to which companies use mobile applications and social media. Use data to learn what activities to outsource and which responsibilities are better left in-house. Discover benchmarks for building the most effective digital marketing team. Implement best practices for integrating digital and traditional marketing strategies, and leverage social media to raise awareness and engage consumers. Finally, see how teams address ROI strategy challenges and use both hard and soft metrics to measure return on digital marketing

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Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Report Details


  • Published March 2014
  • 221 Pages
  • 5 chapters + an Executive Summary
  • 45+ participating companies
  • 115+ charts and graphics

Augment social media and mobile app use to enhance brand value:

  • Discover the right marketing mix, balancing traditional and digital approaches.
  • Determine resource levels needed in aligning digital marketing with brand/corporate team goals.
  • Orchestrate in-house capabilities and vendor expertise to make the most out of digital initiatives.
  • Integrate strong, customer-focused content into a multichannel marketing strategy.
  • Raise patient support and physician education using social media initiatives and mobile technology.
  • Leverage a mixture of hard and soft metrics to gauge digital marketing returns.

Highlights include:

  • In-depth data showing companies’ outsourcing patterns and preferences
  • Guidelines for balancing in-house responsibilities with vendors’ digital expertise
  • Comprehensive analysis of how specific social media and mobile apps provide valuable experiences for end users
  • Companies’ marketing mixes by year (2012–2014)
  • Strategic recommendations and insights on navigating current and future social media marketing trends
  • Detailed benchmarks and analysis on ROI and ROE (return on engagement/experience)
  • Case studies and metrics detailing usage of and therapeutic area presence on social media platforms, including:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
    • Vimeo
  • Digital team staffing profiles for:
    • Top 20 and affiliate
    • Top 50
    • Small pharma
    • Corporate/brand teams
  • Data are split, where relevant, by company and team type:
    • Brand teams
    • Corporate teams
    • Top 20 pharma
    • Top 50 pharma
    • Small pharma
    • Affiliate pharma

Top Reasons to Buy This Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Report

Measure and Demonstrate ROI for Digital Campaigns: The landscape for pharmaceutical digital marketing is changing rapidly.  But some companies still lag behind the curve when it comes to utilizing this powerful communication channel.  Often, the inability to demonstrate return on investment prevents companies from pursuing more robust pharmaceutical digital marketing strategies.  This study aims to solve that challenge for pharmaceutical executives with detailed benchmarks and analysis on ROI and ROE.  The report examines the groups involved and the timelines necessary for companies to collect data and analyze initiatives’ ROI. It also includes best practices for combining formal ROI and ROE studies to connect return of pharmaceutical digital marketing initiatives to increased sales and achieve stakeholder buy-in.

Anticipate Consumer Needs and Reach Them Through Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Channels:  In this day and age, virtually no one is without a cell phone nearby.  Drug and device companies are investing frequently in mobile apps and social media channels to tap into our increasingly digital environment.  Surveyed companies are using social media  target patients.  Furthermore, 80% of companies use mobile applications to target physicians.  Stay ahead of the curve with the strategic recommendations and insights contained in this report.  They will help you navigate current and future social media marketing and mobile application trends.

Establish a Balanced Marketing Media Mix that Incorporates Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Channels: Among surveyed companies, some differences on how to focus a pharmaceutical digital marketing strategy emerged.  The analysis in this report will guide marketing teams in their understanding of how significant a role digital channels should play in the overall media mix.  The report includes benchmarks for companies’ annual media mixes from 2012 through 2014.  The data show growth in digital channels — such as social media and mobile apps — in companies’ media mixes since last year.

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Excerpt from Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing

As with social media, surveyed corporate teams have had mobile strategies in place longer than brand-level teams (Figure 4.5). That being said, most corporate initiatives are often .mob websites — meaning websites that are adapted to mobile formats — or general health-awareness apps. Hence, corporate strategies are usually simpler than brand-level ones that target specific consumers. This difference could explain why many surveyed companies established corporate strategies before brand-level

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing