Pharmaceutical Compliance Best Practices


An effective, empowered pharmaceutical compliance function ensures that companies avoid the cost and trouble associated with fines, recalls, audits and more. This report’s benchmark data and in-depth team profiles detail compliance structures, staffing, resources and best practices across different company types and industry sectors. Build an organization that features both strong central oversight and specialized on-the-ground expertise. See how other organizations face key challenges, such as keeping pace with the everchanging array of national and international standards — and how they leverage digital training tools to maximize employee understanding, track training, and identify and eliminate trouble areas.

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Top Reasons to Buy this Pharmaceutical Compliance Report

Strengthen the Role of Pharmaceutical Compliance within Your Organization: Team structure is critical to success. Use the report’s team profiles to build effective, empowered pharmaceutical compliance groups. Understand internal alignment models, leadership, staffing levels and outsourcing.

Create, Train, and Monitor Pharmaceutical Compliance Effectively: Striking the balance between over- and under- compliance is an art and a science. Leverage digital training to keep employees up-to-date with the latest policies and regulations, enforce employee accountability and escalate problems via proper channels. Explore training metrics to spot recurring trouble spots, improve processes and avoid costly compliance issues.

Manage a Growing List of Global Standards and Regulations: Pharmaceutical compliance teams juggle a staggering number of laws, regulations and guidelines in markets around the globe, which means increased — and increasingly complicated — workloads. Implement best practices and successful processes to meet the internal and external challenges of this reality head on.

This report provides detailed benchmark data and case studies for teams seeking to improve their organizations’ approaches to compliance. With metrics on budgets, staffing and support, as well as specific challenges, the findings provide a guide for compliance teams across all company types and sizes

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Key Questions Answered about Pharmaceutical Compliance

  1. How do you make compliance teams more efficient? How can compliance teams be positioned to impact the whole organization?
  2. How are companies structuring their compliance teams?
  3. Who is implementing compliance training?  What methods are most effective?  What are the benefits of regular training?
  4. What are the common challenges compliance teams face?

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