Pharmaceutical Business Development and Licensing


Use this report’s detailed metrics and real-company practices to reinforce your pharmaceutical business development and licensing (BD&L) group to successfully close deals. Benchmark business development and licensing staffing and budgets while exploring structure models to streamline communication and clarify reporting relationships. Find out who should be at the negotiating table — and who shouldn’t — as you master the deal-making process. From deal identification to due diligence to finalization, follow key pointers from leading executives across the industry and watch for the three most common pitfalls. Finally, discover strategies for building solid relationships, resolving conflicts and minimizing the effects of employee turnover.

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Top Reasons to Read this Pharmaceutical Business Development Report

Build a Top-Notch Pharmaceutical Business Development and Licensing Team: Explore models of pharmaceutical business development and licensing team structure that bolster communication and streamline reporting relationships. Use detailed benchmarks to discover when other pharma and biotech companies pursue deals — and ensure your pharmaceutical business development team has ample spending and staffing resources.

Maximize Deal Position: Follow strategic recommendations to guarantee a thorough process and a well-negotiated deal. Evaluate prospective partners and see how they’ll evaluate you as you identify red flags and avoid weak deals. See who should be involved in the deal-making process and when — and learn to expertly handle the tough questions that inevitably arise.

Master Post-Deal Management: Examine real-company practices for managing partnerships, with or without a formal alliance management team. Get the right personnel involved at the right points — and build institutional memory that will protect the partnership through personnel turnover and team changes.

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Key Questions this Report Answers about Pharmaceutical Business Development 

  1. What level of funding are other groups using?
  2. How big are other business development and licensing teams?
  3. How are business development and licensing groups structured?
  4. What kind of resources do small companies need?
  5. What does the business development and licensing process look like?
  6. What are the key factors that companies consider when making deals?
  7. What do business development and licensing teams look for in new opportunities and who is involved?
  8. What are the costs for managing a pharmaceutical business development and licensing team?

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