Oncology Clinical Trials


This data-driven report focuses exclusively on Phase 1, 2 and 3 benchmarks for 29 oncology clinical trials across more than 10 primary oncology indications. Purchase this report to benchmark oncology clinical trials with individual and average per-patient and per-patient-per-month costs for each development phase. Compare average planned and actual trial duration while seeing how timelines influence total costs — and see how outsourcing can help. Control budgets, set staffing levels and track key cost-drivers of oncology clinical trials.

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Price $1,995
Publication Date February 2013
Pages 209
Chapters 3
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Top Reasons to Buy this Oncology Clinical Trials Report

Control budgets and accelerate timelines: Benchmark oncology trials of different sizes and durations with individual and average per patient and per patient per month costs for each development phase.  Compare average planned and actual trial durations while seeing how trial duration influences total costs — and see how outsourcing can help.

Manage critical cost-drivers: Track the shifting impact of key cost-drivers, such as patient enrollment and trial duration, as a product moves through development.  At the same time, see how an adequate number of sites encourages patient enrollment — a critical challenge for any trial.

Right-size your trial teams: Set optimal staffing levels for both CRAs and trial managers to handle trial sites and patients for each development phase — the report showcases average staffing for 12 key positions across all oncology phases.  Benchmark metrics such as number of sites per CRA and number of patients per CRA.

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 Key Questions Answered About Oncology Clinical Trials

  1. How many FTEs are on clinical trial teams in each phase?
  2. How do companies leverage outsourcing to maintain trial sites?
  3. How many patients or sites does each CRA manage?
  4. What factors impact final costs during each development phase?
  5. How do these cost-drivers change as development progresses?
  6. How challenging is patient enrollment during clinical development?
  7. How much do trials cost in each development stage? How do trials compare across multiple sizes and durations? How much of a trial’s total costs are outsourced?
  8. How long do oncology clinical trials last?
  9. Are actual trial durations similar to projected durations? How does trial duration compare across all development phases?