Medical Science Liaison Salary and Bonus Data – United States


Cutting Edge Information surveyed current medical science liaisons (MSLs) and those in equivalent positions to explore compensation levels and MSL activities.  The following charts present data collected from MSLs in the United States.

Medical Science Liaison Salary Report Details and Features


Determining medical science liaison salary compensation can be a pain point for many field force leaders.  Cutting Edge Information surveyed active MSLs in the United States about their salaries, bonuses, educational levels, key opinion leader (KOLs) relationships and other key metrics.  Of note, an MSL’s experience level and regional territory play a critical role in compensation and activities.  This research breaks down data by MSL experience level and scope of responsibility, where applicable.  Together, these data will help teams gauge proper salaries, bonuses and activity levels for their individual MSLs.

Table of Contents:

MSL Compensation

  • Average Total MSL Compensation, by MSL Experience Level (US)
  • Range and Average Percentage of Compensation Paid via Bonuses, by MSL Experience Level (US)
  • Range and Average Salaries for MSLs, by MSL Experience Level (US)
  • Range and Average Bonuses for MSLs, by MSL Experience Level (US)
  • Percentage of MSLs Given a Company Car or Car Allowance (US)

MSL Qualifications and Responsibilities

  • Highest Level of Education Obtained by Participating MSLs, by MSL Region (US)
  • Average Number of Products MSLs Support, by MSL Region (US)
  • Range and Average Number of KOL Relationships Managed, by MSL Experience Level (US)
  • Percentage of MSLs Calling on Targets Other than Physician KOLs, by MSL Region (US)
  • Average Self-Rating of Performance on a Scale From 1 to 5 with 5 Being Excellent (US)

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