Medical Publications Planning


Medical publications budgets are rising, but teams must still demonstrate value to support increased output. This report is the perfect benchmarking tool for medical publications managers seeking to track performance metrics that showcase their teams’ strategic value. Use findings to institute publications group structures that foster robust interteam communication, and implement regular training to foster compliant medical publications teams. Track metrics to showcase strategic value, and employ proactive transparency practices to benefit both the company and the public. Consider open access journals as an option for publishing low-impact trials.

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Top Reasons to Read This Medical Publications Planning Report

Improve Transparency around Medical Publications:Transparency is of growing importance to both the pharmaceutical industry and scientific community.  New methods (open access journals, online portals, etc.) have emerged that help companies release data.  This report includes case studies illustrating shows how top-performing pharmaceutical companies use digital tools to achieve transparency while addressing patient confidentiality concerns.  The data also provide a detailed overview of the latest updates to publications guidelines and regulations around transparency.  Lastly, the report highlights companies’ perception of the impact of CIAs on publications processes.

Prove Medical Publications Team Value by Tracking Hard Metrics: Traditional performance metrics — such as manuscript/abstract volume, number of citations and acceptance rates — help paint a picture of the publications team’s activity levels.  But they don’t fully prove the team’s value to upper management.  This report includes performance metrics of both high- and low-output teams, as well as illustrates how life sciences companies communicate those metrics into value statements about the impact of medical publications.

Prepare Medical Writers for Global Compliance Challenges: Most medical affairs teams adhere to industry standards — such as the ICMJE — and incorporate company-specific regulations to build airtight standard operating procedures.  But those SOPs alone won’t always guarantee full compliance, especially when regulations around the world change frequently.  Cutting Edge Information’s study includes detailed metrics on the number of compliance training hours that medical publications employees undergo.  It also includes best practices for working with key opinion leaders on the impact of regulations, such as the Sunshine Act, on compensation for authoring medical publications.

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Key Questions This Study Answers About Medical Publications Planning

1) Which organizational structure best suits the company’s publications strategy?

2) How do companies promote and enforce transparency internally?

3) What are medical publications teams’ annual budgets?

4) How do publications teams demonstrate value to key stakeholders?

5) How many abstracts and manuscripts are medical publications teams expected to produce?

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