Optimizing Medical Information Call Centers


Medical Affairs Product Launch Series (Module 1.6)

Optimizing Medical Information Call Centers is the sixth module of the 10-part Medical Affairs Product Launch Series. Based on primary research collected directly from executives leading top medical affairs teams, this module examines medical information team budgets and staffing levels across product lifecycle stages.

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Optimizing Medical Information Call Centers: Medical Affairs Product Launch Series

Data reveal how teams adjust budget and staffing levels to meet call center workload and under what conditions staff are most commonly outsourced. Additionally, this module examines patterns in the total number of inquiries received by teams: a common indicator used to monitor call center performance.

  • Publication Date: June 2017
  • Pages: 44
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Reasons to Buy Optimizing Medical Information Call Centers


Determine the most effective time to start medical information activities: Distributing medical information often begins before product launch to prepare for launch and post-launch responsibilities. In addition, product type can affect workloads and timing. This module’s data break down activity start by product type – niche, common and blockbuster.

Benchmark medical information call center budget and staffing levels throughout the product launch window: Medical information team budgets and staffing depend on factors such as geographic region, therapeutic area and brand size. Both are crucial to meeting team and company goals. Use this module’s benchmarks to determine when and how much outsourcing is necessary to manage medical information call center inquiry volume.

Evaluate case studies of individual medical information teams to help determine your team’s needs: Survey data show that medical information call centers are very dynamic in terms of resource and activity levels. Through detailed profiles, this research reveals that many teams allocate resources and personnel based on different timelines. Use this study to evaluate your medical information team’s resource and activity needs and benchmark them against competitors.

Excerpt from Optimizing Medical Information Call Centers


Profiled teams include those launching niche, common and blockbuster products.

Niche Product Team

Company 3’s medical information team supports a niche product. Staffing, budget spending and inquiries do not begin until launch year, when the team receives its first inquiries (Figure 1.6.16). During launch year, all three of Company 3’s medical information team FTEs begin activity, and 100% of the $100,000 maximum team budget is available. Eighty percent of the maximum 500 inquiries are received during launch year, and 100% are received during the first year on market. These data indicate that the team’s strategy is focused heavily on launch and post-launch activities rather than on early-stage planning.

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