Medical Device Competitive Intelligence


Medical device competitive intelligence teams often number no more than one individual tasked with monitoring competitors’ activities. But competitive intelligence has the potential to drive significant strategic change throughout the organization.

Without the proper resource support, medical device competitive intelligence teams may never reach the level of sophistication seen at other life sciences or consumer products organizations. In short, device companies can be doing much more to boost their competitive intelligence strategic impact.

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Top Reasons to Read This Medical Device Competitive Intelligence Report

Medical device competitive intelligence teams succeed when they’re visible, have appropriate funding and staffing resources and focus on pure CI-related activities. This study provides critical benchmarks to help your company:

Restructure the Medical Device Competitive Intelligence Team for Success: Make sure that your CI team does not remain buried in the market research organization. Learn how to develop proper reporting lines and implement a more strategic organizational structure that will provide the competitive intelligence team greater visibility and generate greater strategic impact.

Align CI with Strategic Goals: Some medical device companies are using competitive intelligence to inform business development and C-level executives’ strategic decisions. These demands from high-level stakeholders require CI teams to align with corporate-wide goals, a practice that many device companies have yet to implement. Learn how to transform your competitive intelligence team into a sophisticated strategic decision-support function.

Improve Medical Device Competitive Intelligence Performance: Performance measurement is a tricky prospect for many decision-support activities. The same is true for medical device competitive intelligence. This study provides real world examples and case studies of how medical device companies have implemented best practices to track the performance of their competitive intelligence teams and improve their impact.

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Key Questions This Report Answers About Medical Device Intelligence

  1. Why should my company have competitive intelligence (CI)?  Do other medtech companies have CI capabilities?
  2. Who does CI work?  Do we need a dedicated team?
  3. How is market research involved? Is this a global effort? Where do teams sit?
  4. How do you overcome CI resource problems?
  5. How can CI teams gain more visibility within the company?