Medical Affairs Product Launch Series


This 10-part series subscription focuses on medical affairs structure, staffing and activities in support of a new product launch. These data investigate how medical affairs resources and key performance indicators (KPIs) shift between two years prior to launch, one year before launch, launch year and during the product’s first year on market.

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Module Series

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  • With a subscription to the series, for the next 10 months you will receive a new module. Each module contains data analysis and innovative insights on the various elements needed to implement a successful medical affairs product launch strategy.
  • Read through best practices and analyze benchmarks associated with medical affairs launch strategy. In developing the Medical Affairs Launch Series, we collected surveys from medical affairs leaders at a number of top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Medical affairs teams can use the data from this series to support decision making for their successful product launch strategies.
  • Use the case studies shared throughout the series to customize a medical affairs launch strategy that is best suited to your company and its products: Although there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for all teams launching new products, the case studies presented throughout the Medical Affairs Product Launch Series are categorized based on product type, launch market and company size to coordinate resources and strategies.