Medical Affairs Organization’s Role in Brand Launch


Medical Affairs Product Launch Series (Module 1.1)

This module presents case studies that detail medical affairs team structures to support new product launch strategy, as well as processes and challenges that different companies encounter during launch planning.  In developing this module, CEI analysts collected surveys from and consulted with 20 medical affairs leaders at a number of top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.  Medical Affairs Organization‘s Role in Brand Launch is the first of the 10-part Medical Affairs Product Launch Series.

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Medical Affairs Organization’s Role in Brand Launch: Medical Affairs Product Launch Series


The first module in a year-long series provides case studies for what structures and processes medical affairs teams at large and small companies use to design and implement launch strategies.

Within the module, case studies tell the story of each product launch through the lens of the medical affairs team’s involvement in the process.

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Top Reasons to Buy Medical Affairs Organization’s Role in Brand Launch


Use this module as a decision-support tool guide for medical affairs structures and processes to sustain new product launch planning.   Structures depend heavily on the number of new product launches that a company conducts, as well as the company’s size.  This series module discusses how medical affairs teams navigate launch strategy development for all teams developing new products.

Review case studies of medical affairs structures at large and small pharmaceutical organizations Get a clear view of product launch planning at companies across different sizes.  This series module also discusses the struggles that medical affairs and commercial teams face when coordinating launch strategies.

Develop practical medical affairs planning timelines relative to product lifecycle: The medical affairs structure necessary to support commercial strategy development differs based on the number of products that teams support throughout each lifecycle stage.  Medical Affairs Launch Organization’s Role in Brand Launch details the interactions between global, country-level, and dedicated medical affairs strategy teams support products throughout their lifecycles.

Excerpt from Medical Affairs Organization Role’s in Brand Launch


Company A’s Product-Specific Team Makeup

Company A’s dedicated strategy team is responsible for driving strategy and ensuring consistency across the company’s portfolio. However, the team is not responsible for the final delivery and execution of the launch strategy — that is where the product-specific team comes in. The medical affairs product teams at this company comprise every core medical affairs subfunction:

Medical Affairs Organization’s Role







  • Core medical leader
  • Sub-leaders
  • Medical science liaison (MSL) lead
  • Health outcomes liaison (HOL) lead
  • Medical communications leaders

Examples of companies that have participated in this study: