Market Access and Reimbursement


This comprehensive report examines market access strategy, objectives and trends with data from 70+ pharma and device companies across a range of different markets. Metrics from these organizations detail market access staffing, spending, timelines and activities. Deeper findings discuss how teams build a case for — and communicate — product value to relevant payers (including the development of convincing product value dossiers). Analyze timelines and best practices for integrating input from market access teams into product development decision making.

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Publication Date August 2013
Pages 250
Chapters 5
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Top Reasons to Review This Market Access And Reimbursement Report

Market Access Budgets Increased from 2011 to 2013:  Though some companies’ market access budgets dipped slightly in 2012, the general trend of increasing budgets continued through 2013.  Allocate budgets more effectively to key market access subfunctions throughout product development.  Track market access budget trends and projections from 2011 to 2014.

Involve HEOR, Government Affairs, and Pricing Early in Product Development: The timing and level of involvement of health economics and outcomes teams, as well as the government affairs function, can be the key to securing reimbursement for pharmaceutical products.  Coordinate various market access groups’ involvement at the most opportune times during product development — and ensure a smooth launch.  Know when and how often to assess your market access strategy — and establish a schedule to do so.

Prioritize Market Access through High-Level Leadership:  Whether companies have dedicated market access teams or address the function on an ad hoc basis, market access teams are most often led by directors or higher positions.  Discover how companies with and without dedicated market access teams meet reimbursement requirements and support diverse portfolios.  Build market access teams to grow alongside developing products to ensure efficiency and adequate resources throughout development and launch.

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Key Questions That This Study Answers About Market Access Teams and Reimbursement

  1. Which subfunctions should receive the largest portion of the budget?
  2. When are market access subfunctions involved in product development and what should their timelines be for communicating with payers?
  3. What factors should companies consider when staffing teams?
  4. What are the soft metrics that market access teams use to prove success?
  5. How early should companies start planning for a value dossier?