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Get all the market access decision support material you need all in one place with a market access library subscription.   All of our research focused on health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), pricing and reimbursement, comparative effectiveness research (CER), managed markets analysis and more can be yours through CEIConnect.   Download graphics and insightful documents that cover market access teams' budgets, headcounts, trends and activities.  A library subscription will also provide you with all of our published market access reports, present and past, as well as everything we publish in that library for the next 12 months! PLEASE NOTE: This price is for a SINGLE USER access license.

Cutting Edge Information’s market access library will help your team quickly come up to speed on the tactics and tools other life science organizations use to meet their pricing and reimbursement challenges. These reports give you immediate access to primary research – real-company examples and case studies – saving you valuable time at a fraction of the cost to commission a consulting project.

You may also be interested in our individual market access research reports.  The titles of these reports include:

  • Global Market Access Strategies: Building Payer Relationships Through Comprehensive Value Stories (PH223)
  • Pharmaceutical Launch Sequencing: Establishing Patient Access and Understanding Global Pricing (PH219)
  • Managing Market Access Launch Activities: Benchmarking Product Commercialization and Cross-Functional Coordination (PH217)
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research: Value Stories that Engage Patients, Physicians and Payers (PH213)
  • Building World-Class HEOR Teams: Creating Convincing Value Propositions for Payers (PH211)
  • US Government Drug Reimbursement: Winning Key Formulary Positions and Managing Pricing Systems (PH204)
  • and many more

As a subscriber, you’ll also receive access to market access white papers and exclusive content as soon as we publish it.

Eric Bolesh
Senior Director of Product Development
Jason Bandy
Global Key Account Executive
Carson Hurt
Research Analyst

Carson Hurt is a Research Analyst on the syndicated research team at Cutting Edge Information.  He is currently focused on market access teams in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically team staffing and functions.  Carson graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Political Science.

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Market Access Library

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