U.S. Managed Markets


Pharmaceutical companies’ U.S. managed markets teams must prove their products’ value each payer.  These teams communicate objectives to stakeholders and build allies across the pharmaceutical organization. This report provides best practices and benchmarks that enable pharmaceutical managed markets teams to walk into payer meetings confident and prepared, knowing they have the optimal answers to each payer’s questions. Earn payer trust by fostering ongoing dialogues and incorporating payer concerns into product plans.

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Publication Date March 2012
Pages 114
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Top Reasons to Buy this U.S. Managed Markets Report

Nurture Payer Relationships: Earn payer trust by fostering ongoing dialogues and incorporating payer concerns into product plans. The best teams anticipate payer needs and answer questions before they’re even asked.

Execute Optimal Market Access Strategies: Drug approval is just one stop on the road to commercial success. Integrate market access needs into product development to generate critical data for payers, and plan beyond reimbursement to defend and improve formulary positioning.

Master Team Operations: A product’s market access ultimately rests on the team. Use budget benchmarks, staffing metrics and structure breakdowns to strengthen the managed markets group — and understand how US managed markets groups fit into the larger global market access organization as they overcome the most common operational challenges.

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Key Questions Answered by this Managed Markets Report

  • How much do U.S. managed markets teams spend?
  • What structure works for my market access teams?
  • Where does the U.S. managed markets group sit in the larger market access organization?
  • How does the managed markets team coordinate with other payer-facing groups?
  • How do pharmaceutical companies approach reimbursement planning?
  • How do other companies coordinate payer messaging from all internal stakeholders.
  • How do drug companies incorporate payer input into their value dossiers?
  • What are the common challenges faced by U.S. managed markets teams?
  • How do market access teams adapt to a changing US market?
  • How do pharmaceutical companies raise a product’s reimbursement profile internally?