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Launching Pharmaceutical Brands


Explore in-depth commercialization profiles of 15 diverse brands as they launch products in the US, EU, and other global markets. Commercialization benchmarks for three key time periods—Phase 3a to market approval, market approval to launch, and launch to six months post-launch—show typical resource allocation choices. Follow spending patterns as you explore launching pharmaceutical brands data for each major time period, and compare average spending across five main categories and 15 subcategories. Use this report to preview what competitors are spending for brand launches and improve upon their resource allocation strategies to achieve successful product launch in one or multiple markets.

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Win critical resources for commercialization and launch: Explore brand spending benchmarks across five large categories and 15 detailed subcategories. Use this data to avoid underspending in critical areas and overspending in others — and align resources with key strengths and weaknesses.

Focus resources at different points in the launch window: While no two brand launches are identical, companies follow similar patterns in allocating marketing resources — amping up investments as the product moves through development. Follow these patterns as you explore resource data for each brand from Phase 3 through post-launch.

Diversify investments and avoid mistakes: See how other companies handle launch allocations, and learn from their mistakes. Unpack each brand’s story to understand why certain decisions were made regarding different marketing tactics and resource allocations.

This report showcases the growing importance of mHealth for pharmaceutical companies in the US and EU markets.  Research explores best practices for mobile team structure and support, initiative planning and performance measurement.  10 case studies demonstrate how real initiatives leveraged internal and external resources to navigate the burgeoning mobile health environment.  Stay competitive with peers through mHealth initiatives targeting both patient and physician audiences.Position your company as a reliable information source by targeting audiences’ needs to add value.

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