The Evolving Global Meeting Management Strategy


This study is the culmination of a yearlong collaboration between Cutting Edge Information, Medical Meetings magazine and the Center for Business Intelligence to gain insights on global meeting management strategy. The report reveals critical trends across the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Use the report’s hard-to-find benchmarking data and in-depth analysis to take global meeting management to the next level.

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Top Reasons to Read This Global Meeting Management Strategy Report

  1. Overcome compliance-related roadblocks
  2. Coordinate global compliance
  3. Balance internal and external customer demands
  4. Boost meeting attendance and participation
  5. Forge successful relationships with vendors

Key Questions Answered About Global Meeting Management

  1. How do you improve the strategic effectiveness of your company’s meeting planning teams?
  2. How do you attract physicians to attend meetings, or in getting them to actively participate?
  3. How do you use meeting planning technology and tools better?
  4. How are companies in the pharma industry investing, in dollars and headcounts, to perform meeting management activities?
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Publication Date June 2008
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