Emerging Markets Clinical Trials: Eastern Europe


Use this study as a resource to design and prepare your company’s clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe. The report addresses, in detail, the cultural
challenges in clinical trials and clinical development opportunities that these emerging markets provide. It provides detailed benchmark metrics for Russia, Poland, the Balkans, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine, all in one place. Learn the advantages and challenges that each of these countries present.

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Publication Date November 2010
Pages 187
Chapters 3
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Top Reasons to read this Emerging Markets Clinical Trials Eastern Europe report

Improve Patient Access:  Russia and Poland offer a distinct advantage as emerging markets clinical trials eastern europe: access to treatment-naive patients. Recruitment and retention are strong in these countries as well. This report will guide your decision-making process as you determine how to run a trial in a Central or Eastern European nation.

Protect Intellectual Property:  IP issues can be daunting when working in an emerging market. This study shows you how to work with local partners to navigate culture and regulations, avoid the threat of corruption and protect your intellectual property.

Tap Geographic and Cultural Proximity:  Russia, Poland and the other countries profiled in this report offer the advantage of being neighbors to Western Europe. This means that the local investigator knowledge base is similar to that of Western European countries, and EU-EC guidelines for GCP are becoming more commonplace. Learn about the other advantages that the central and eastern European countries offer to clinical development teams.

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Key Questions answered about Clinical Trials in Eastern Europe 

  1. How do we tap into global patient populations?  How do costs in these locations differ from those in the US and Western Europe?
  2. How do we protect IP?  Where will it be safest?
  3. How long does the setup and approval process take?  Is it lengthy?
  4. What are the advantages of investing in emerging markets?
  5. How do we pick sites from all these countries and regions?  What are the advantages of working with certain nations?
  6. How do we handle the things that the existing infrastructure does?