Drug Commercialization

Benchmarking Brand Spend Across the Product Lifecycle

Drug Commercialization


Drug Commercialization: Benchmarking Brand Spend Across the Product Lifecycle

This research examines drug commercialization and brand spend throughout the product lifecycle to help teams devise and benchmark their own commercialization expenses. This report also investigates how revenue, launch market, company size, patient population size and market entry classification affect the company’s investment in each lifecycle stage.

  • Help determine brand spend using projected peak annual revenue.
  • Understand how brand spend over a product’s timeline changes based on when the brand projects to reach their peak annual revenue.
  • Right-size commercial, medical and reimbursement brand spend throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Maximize early KOL engagements to inform brand medical and commercial strategy.
  • Benchmark brand spend and allocation in different launch markets.
  • See how different factors affect brand spend across a product’s lifecycle:
    • Launch market
    • Company size
    • Target patient population
    • Product market classification
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Drug Commercialization: Benchmarking Brand Spend Across the Product Lifecycle

  • Publication Date: February 2018
  • Pages: 281
  • Chapters: 9
  • Metrics: 500+
  • Charts/Graphics: 180+

 Cutting Edge Information analysts classify surveyed teams based on four primary criteria: 

  • launch market 
  • company size 
  • target patient population size 
  • market entry classification

Identify overarching trends in brand spend to guide how to create a successful brand spend and drug commercialization strategy for your company. Allocating brand spend correctly can differentiate a successful drug commercialization strategy from an unsuccessful one. This report explores the factors that make products’ brand spend different. It also provides an overview of surveyed teams’ brand spend and the strategies teams use to determine these spending levels.


Determine brand spend for your company using projected peak annual revenue. Several factors help determine when and where brand spend should be allocated. One of the most crucial determiners of brand spend is the expected peak annual revenue of the product. Drug Commercialization discusses how expected peak annual revenue correlates to brand spend. Drug commercialization teams can use the research presented in this study to see how expected peak revenue affects how brands structure their spending throughout the product’s lifecycle.


Establish a commercialization team that is cross-functional, collaborative and shifts responsibilities throughout the product lifecycle. Some of the responsibilities of drug commercialization teams include being responsible for forecasting the product’s market share, healthcare community reaction and overall revenue. Given all of these different pieces, drug commercialization teams consist of personnel across the organization. The research describes which functional groups to include on commercialization teams and how these groups change over time. The best practices and detailed case studies in this report will help your team make critical decisions to create your own unique product commercialization team.