Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment


Understand the key factors that draw patients to clinical trials – and use this information to chart a successful recruiting strategy.  Detailed benchmarks and best practices from more than 80 companies across the life science industries.  Explore in-depth benchmarks focused on these areas:

  • Patient recruitment and retention strategies
  • Specific patient recruitment activities and tools
  • Structure and spending for formal patient recruiting efforts

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Report Details

Publication Date: August 2010
Pages: 209
Chapters: 5
Metrics: 500+
No. of companies: 84
Charts/Graphics: 160+

Top Reasons to Buy this Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Report

Master Recruiting and Retention: Avoid costly delays and keep trials on track – explore 16 recruitment activities by tracking who performs them and how useful and efficient they are. Break down data by phase to deploy different strategies depending on development stage.

Of course, recruiting patients is only half of the job. Discover inexpensive and simple strategies that make it easier for patients to stay engaged in trials, mitigating the effects of dropout.

Make Studies Attractive to Patients:  Attracting patients requires an in-depth understanding of their needs. Learn both the tangible and emotional reasons why patients participate in trials. Use market research and patient demographics to bolster your advantage and take a more marketing-focused approach.

Deliver Site Support:  Manage site and investigator expectations and strengthen site support through training to help increase patient enrollment.

Ensure adequate resources for patient recruitment:  Our research finds that some companies do not plan ahead for patient recruitment — meaning that it only gets attention when problems arise. Use benchmarks to develop a recruitment process and structure that includes sufficient funding and strategic partnerships with CROs.

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Excerpt from Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial costs are increasing amid a shortage of patients, fewer new drug approvals each year and little to no growth in the number of available clinical investigators. In the wake of safety-related drug recalls, such as those that occurred with Vioxx and Bextra, regulatory agencies are requesting more and more safety data. Sometimes they request completely new trials.

The increased demand for safety data has also sent the demand for patients exponentially higher. Trial managers are in a fierce competition to recruit patients within popular and niche patient populations. Exacerbating this demand for patients is the relatively flat growth in number of clinical investigators and sites; in other words, the capacity to perform clinical trials is not keeping pace with demand. And, if recruiting patients was not challenging enough, retaining them through rigorous mortality and morbidity trials can be even more difficult. Patient dropout rates can climb up as high as 30% in certain therapeutic areas.