Medical Information and Call Center Performance


This report contains benchmarks and best practices to improve medical information call center performance — which is especially critical as these teams take on more responsibilities despite limited resources. Use the report’s data to structure, staff and train medical information teams for optimal efficiency, and identify key performance indicators that best gauge call center effectiveness. Explore methods for preparing teams to handle increasingly complex medical information inquiries. Benchmarks from teams in the US, EU and emerging markets make this research a truly comprehensive overview of medical information call centers.

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Top Reasons to Buy This Medical Information Report

See how other companies structure their medical information teams to provide the best support to their call centers:

The medical information department structure that companies install will impact the entire strategy permeating down to the call centers. Data show how top-performing teams structure their teams at multiple levels, including global, country and regional-level and therapeutic-area specific. The report includes detailed medical information and call center team structure, staffing and training benchmarks for top 10 pharma, top 50 pharma, small pharma and device companies.

Collect and track key performance indicators for your medical information call center:

Measuring the health and success of a call center often comes down to four key performance indicators. Purchase this report to learn what those four KPIs are and how they are impacted by portfolio size and product type. Finally, learn how call center performance in the United States varies from that of teams based in Europe or emerging markets.

Justify requests for increases in resources and to show value to senior leaders:

One of the team’s challenges is that it is often viewed as a cost center. But these teams should be recognized for the value they truly bring to the organization. Learn how top pharmaceutical and medical device companies communicate their teams’ value by focusing on additional services that they provide. As medical information leaders begin asking and arguing for more resources, these are the activities that they can point toward to justify increases in staffing and budget.

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Key Questions that This Study Answers about Medical Information and Call Center Performance

  1. Which key performance indicators do companies use to gauge call center performance?
  2. What factors influence medical information spending?
  3. How do medical information teams best serve clients’ healthcare information needs in light of increased digital/social media usage?
  4. How should companies staff their medical information teams to efficiently address operational needs and ensure optimal product support?
  5. Which call center activities are most commonly outsourced, and to what extent?

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