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Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Feedback Surveys

Gathering data through KOL feedback surveys is a direct way to assess your field-based teams’ tactics, skills and work ethics as they establish and cultivate relationships with key opinion leaders.  KOL feedback surveys allow your company to understand healthcare providers’ (HCPs) perceptions of your company, their awareness of your products or technology and their preferences for interactions.

Do you know how KOLs perceive your company and its field forces?

Improve your teams’ communications, interactions and  relationships with key opinion leaders.  Let Cutting Edge Information help you gather detailed feedback from HCPs in their own words.

Research shows, time and again, that life sciences companies drop the ball because they fail to gather direct feedback from their key opinion leaders. Field forces can only serve the medical community to the degree that they know what healthcare providers want from drug and device companies.

Cutting Edge Information has conducted thousands of direct surveys and interviews with thought leaders and healthcare providers around the world on behalf of its clients.  Take advantage of this expertise and get the insights you need to make better decisions.  Whether it’s your MSL teams or your HOLs and sales reps in the field, we know how to improve your tactics.

THE SOLUTION: KOL Feedback Surveys to Turn Your Qualitative Practices into Quantitative Measures

We recommend that companies approach key opinion leader feedback surveys in a systematic, empirical fashion by creating standardized surveys that are consistent from year to year. Cutting Edge Information has developed standard questionnaires targeted at gathering valuable key opinion leader feedback, but has worked with dozens of companies to develop customized surveys as well.

To receive unbiased HCP feedback targeted at your company’s needs, our expert team will create a customized, electronic deliverable of findings. Our key opinion leader feedback surveys are designed to bridge the divide between quantitative and qualitative data. To capture both kinds of information, our surveys include a blend of questions that range from the strictly quantitative to the softer and more open-ended. The result is a set of metrics that enables leaders to assess, rank and coach their field-based teams (e.g. MSLs) – and that meets the needs of your internal stakeholders, whatever their preferences might be.

KOL Feedback Surveys

Commonly Collected Thought Leader Metrics:

  • Receive qualitative feedback from HCPs on their interactions with field based representatives and other Medical Affairs personnel
  • Grade the value of the information and services that KOLs receive in meeting their needs
  • Uncover HCP perceptions of the company’s reputation
  • Duration of MSL visits with KOLs
  • Identify HCP preferences for type and frequency of communication with MSLs
  • Determine optimal number of KOLs per MSL
  • Preferred methods and frequency of communication and interactions vs. actual frequency
  • Perceptions of new media platforms for communicating information
  • Information most commonly requested by HCPs
  • Value of interactions with field-based representatives
  • Satisfaction of relationships with company representatives