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Market Access Staffing Trends (WP281)
Phase 4 Patient Recruitment: Timelines and Associated Factors (WP280)
Optimizing MSL Performance Through KOL Feedback Data (WP285)
The Life Sciences Industry and Adaptive Trial Design (WP284)
Trends in Biopharma Digital Marketing (WP287)
A Paradigm of Medical Affairs Evolution (WP288)
Trends in Thought Leader Segmentation Criteria (WP289)
Patient-Centric Programs (WP290)
Commercialization Brand Spend (WP291)
Cautionary Tales of DIY Fair Market Value (WP286)
Pharmaceutical Commercial Evolution: Increasing Customer Value Through Clinical Sales and Other New Commercial Models (WP282)
Examining the Role of Retail and Specialty Pharmacists in Drug Safety Activities (WP283)
Key Account Management: Harnessing Sales Expertise to Develop Unified Stakeholder Relationships (WP279)
Life Sciences Commercial Boards: Establishing a Cross- Functional Strategy to Support Emerging Products (WP278)
The State of Global FMV Payments in 2016 (WP276)
Ensuring Compliant TMF Practices (WP275)
Exciting Trends in Medical Affairs (WP273)
Sponsor-CRO Relationships: The Benefits and Challenges of Collaborating with Third-Party Solutions Providers (WP272)
Should IIT Areas of Interest be Publicly Available? Insights from ExL’s Mass East 2015 (WP271)
Patient-Centric Marketing: Using Social and Digital Channels to Cultivate Customer-Focused Strategies (WP270)
Planting a Data Farm with mHealth and n-of-1 Trials to Increase Personalized Medicine and Expedite Clinical Research (WP268)
Bring Personalized Medicine to the Forefront of Clinical Research with Aggregated N-of-1 Trials (WP267)
Embracing ePRO to Improve Data Quality and Support Big Data Strategies in Clinical Development (WP266)
New Digital Marketing in the US: It’s Been a Long Journey, But [Most Of] the Draft Guidance is Finally Here (WP265)
Preparing for Successful Clinical Advisory Boards: Aim for Clear Objectives, Targeted Recruitment, and Skillful Moderators (WP264)
Accessing the Inaccessible: Strategies for Rebuilding the Relationship between Pharma and Physicians (WP263)
Divesting Non-Core Products Offers Pharma a Fresh Approach to LCM (WP262)
Protecting Intellectual Property with Strategic Pricing in Emerging Markets (WP261)
How to Overcome the Challenges of Contracting with International Key Opinion Leaders (WP259)
Focus Reimbursement Strategy to Demonstrate Full Value Story (WP258)
Clinical Trial Operations: Navigating the Leading Challenges Behind Adaptive Design (WP257)
Using Feedback Surveys to Anchor MSLs’ Relationships with Thought Leaders (WP256)
Counter-Generics Tactics Effective Against Paragraph IV Filing (WP255)
Accelerating Clinical Trials for Serious Disease Areas (WP254)
Electronic Medical Records: Moving Beyond Clinical Recruitment and Fostering Patient Adherence-Based Strategies (WP253)
How Regulatory and Economic Changes Are Impacting Commercial Funding for CME (WP252)
Leveraging Medical Science Liaisons to Support Clinical Development Strategies (WP251)
Understanding the Importance of Mobile Health for Pharma (WP250)
Building a Global Launch Sequence in the Age of Austerity (WP249)
Key Trends in MSL Program Management (WP248)
Counter Brand Revenue Erosion from Generics through Defensive Pricing Strategies (WP247)
As Reimbursement Becomes Elusive, Pricing Teams Weigh In Earlier (WP246)
Calling for a Chief Access Officer: The Case for an Autonomous Market Access Group (WP245)
Health Economics and Outcomes Research: Greater Resources Come with New Challenges (WP244)
Thought Leader Compensation: US vs. EU (WP243)
Targeting the Patient Physician Touchpoint (WP239)
ePharma On the Go: There’s an App for That (WP238)
Making Sense of Social Media in a Regulatory Vacuum (WP237)
How to Compensate a Winning MSL Team (WP236)
Looking Ahead to 2010 (WP235)
In Defense of Pharma Medical Publications (WP234)
Preferred Vendors A Good Decision? (WP233)
Patients Call for Clinical Trial Transparency (WP232)
Targeted Therapies Drive Oncology’s Promise (WP231)
Preparing for Increased Regulatory Scrutiny of Investigator Compensation (WP230)
Global Clinical Outsourcing (WP229)
Top 6 Challenges for KOL Management (WP228)
Boehringer Ingelheim From Underdog to Next Diabetes Giant? (WP227)
Outcomes-Based Pricing (WP226)
Demonstrating MSL Programs’ ROI (WP225)
Thought Leader Training (WP224)
A Delicate Balance: Building Trust via Patient Education (WP223)
Drug Repurposing (WP222)
Medical Affairs Under Pressure (WP221)
Integrated Market Research Studies (WP220)
Compensating Thought Leaders in a Compliance World (WP219)
Clinical Diagnostics Marketing Budgets and Development Timelines (WP218)
Medical Device Marketing (WP217)
Phase 4 Outsourcing (WP216)
Pharma Customer Relationship Management (WP215)
US Launch Marketing (WP214)
Segmenting Target Physicians (WP213)
Investigator Initiated Trials (WP212)
Web-based Patient Recruitment (WP211)
Pharmaceutical Product Commercialization (WP210)
Clinical Trials Investigator Meetings (WP206)
Pharmaceutical Thought Leaders (WP205)
Cardiovascular Combo Therapy (WP204)
Authorized Generics (WP203)
Rx to OTC Switching (WP202)
The New Competitive Intelligence Strategy (WP201)