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As Research Triangle Park’s number one provider in primary research, Cutting Edge Information strives to provide a wide variety of life sciences management subjects. Our decision-support resources are built using a primary research methodology designed for pharmaceutical and medical device executives.

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The MSL project and findings presentation had an enlightening impact on all stakeholders. I would not hesitate to use CEI’s products and services in the future.

Medical Science Liaison, Small Pharmaceutical Company

Cutting Edge Information is at the forefront of MSL program knowledge. Thank you for your valuable information that enables us to focus our resources more wisely.

Senior Medical Science Liaison, Small Pharmaceutical Company

The IIS project generated so much interest from stakeholders … we are revising our processes, globally.

Global Oncology Marketing Director, Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company

As always, I want to thank you and your team for sending over this incredibly useful information. I am going to sit down and read it later tonight. I really appreciate you following up and look forward to hopefully getting more information from you guys in the future. Thank you all again.

Offering Manager, Multinational Technology Company

You guys put out some excellent material.

Business Development Manager, Small Contract Research Organization

I find CEIConnect reports very useful. The information is comprehensive and quite detailed. The database is filled with many informative, insightful reports on a number of key topics of value and timely relevance to the field. They are obviously written by knowledgeable experts in the field.

Head of Strategy and Operations, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

I have told my internal clients that your reports were far more substantial and worth the money vs. First Word. I will steer my internal clients to Cutting Edge as I think that your reports are quality.

Associate Director, Librarian, Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company

I love Cutting Edge Information’s research because of the accurate, relevant topic discussions and terminology used.  The quality is fantastic and I feel like the reports were written just for my company.  We have other choices for data, but we prefer and appreciate Cutting Edge Information’s.

Sourcing Manager, Top 25 Pharmaceutical Company

The information you provided was accurate and positive. And evidence that I see Cutting Edge as a very useful resource in the field when I’m putting together presentations and data. You’re reliable, you’re evidence-based and you’re putting out a lot of information that people are interested in. We appreciate that for sure. As the Director of Research, I particularly appreciate that. I will pass that on to my people. And we value your analysts as resources too, or else we wouldn’t be calling you so often to give us insights into your experiences and things that will help inform our reports.

Director of Research, Small Pharmaceutical Company

I found the report interesting and well worth the investment of my time in the research phase.

Senior Director, Global Business Development, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

I want to congratulate you on all the super, super interesting reports, which I always find on the web site. I have to share with you how medical affairs could use this kind of report is to really advertise and to re-position internally the medical affairs function. Thank you, thank you, thank you – one and ALL.

Senior Manager, Global Medical Operations, Top 25 Pharmaceutical Company

I have to say that your after-sales service was excellent. I don’t get such help for other reports I have purchased before.

Internal Consultant, Multinational Bank

I can’t express how grateful and pleased I am with Cutting Edge Information. You all definitely don’t just “talk the talk” about great customer service, but your employees also “walk the walk.” You have a great team that is very customer focused – can’t beat that. This is the very thing that keeps customers coming back.

Senior Manager, Global Medical Operations, Top 50 Pharmaceutical Company

We have used your Thought Leader reports to lay-out our 3-year plans.

Associate Director, Medical Science, Top 25 Pharmaceutical Company