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MSL Data Suite

One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes to Your MSL Program.

Cutting Edge Information offers a unique service that our competitors can’t: Customized solutions for your MSL program based on our relationships with trend-setting and pioneering executives. Even better, our analysts deliver fast, customized solutions while cutting out the “middle man.” Because our primary competency is to provide quantitative, primary-research benchmarking report services, we come to the table equipped with an in-house team of research analysts, metrics and surveying capabilities that our competitors must otherwise outsource. In addition, we have access to hundreds of key MSL management executives across the industry and from every major therapeutic area.

Four Services to Meet Your Four Biggest MSL Challenges

We didn’t want to build a service in hopes that the industry would need it. Instead, our team put the work in before launching our service by collecting feedback from our top clients about some of the biggest MSL challenges they are currently facing. Based on the input we received from our clients, we offer four customizable solutions:

How We’ve Addressed…

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With the industry’s focus on gaining market share in emerging countries comes the need for developing operations to support these expansions. The introduction of the MSL function in these areas is often challenging, facing different regulations and compliance guidelines and limitations. Companies with plans on deploying field medical teams in these regions are in exploratory mode, but it won’t be long before MSL programs are up and running. As the industry thinks more from a globally strategic perspective, thought leader reach becomes all the more important. We can provide your team with several region-specific data points upon request.


What our clients say about our work speaks volumes. We call upon those clients whenever we create a new product, as we did with our MSL Customized Solutions Suite. Hear for yourself what our clients have to say about us on the Testimonials page. Here are some case studies specific to the MSL Data Suite:

Winning More MSL Resources at a Top-10 Drug Company
Right-Sizing an Expanding Field Team
Reducing Turnover through the Development of a Top-Notch Compensation Program
Realigning an Emerging Biotech’s MSL Program Structure and Internal Processes


Our MSL experts have put a decade of work into researching best practices in the industry. Our in-house team of analysts has developed – and continue to refine – our quantitative survey tool. The survey tool’s evolution was based on years of researching MSL processes and working closely with the life sciences executives and MSLs themselves to understand the inner workings of their companies while adhering to industry standards.


Because we realize your investments are valuable, we are able to provide you with customized solutions in the format and timeline of your choosing. We realize that client needs range from a few data points to complete solutions. Therefore, every project is evaluated separately and project deliverables are designed to accommodate every budget. Your MSL project is unique; we will make use to tailor our service based on your company’s business challenges.

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