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Consulting: Customized Surveys


Quickly Boost your Organization’s Intelligence

Cutting Edge Information’s Customized Survey Service is designed to quickly deliver the customized surveys that you require for critical decision support. Our contacts within the pharmaceutical industry make it possible for us to conduct quick-turnaround customized surveys designed to answer your most burning questions.

Our analysts will work with you to develop and scope your survey, profile the desired target audience and deliver results to you within your project timetable.

Benefits of Using Our Service

  • You get to design the survey questions that we will ask of our research contacts.
  • You get high-quality survey development advice from our in-house experts.
  • You get to leverage Cutting Edge Information’s research contacts within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Your benchmarking survey will be backed by Cutting Edge Information’s proven methodology and industry-wide respect for delivering high-quality benchmarking data.
  • You will receive your customized survey data quickly, usually within 10 business days.