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Company History

2002: Founding of the company.

Cutting Edge Information was founded in 2002 by experienced pharmaceutical consultants with a determined mission to provide high-quality, up-to-date business research to a fast-changing marketplace. The founding partners, Jason Richardson and Adam Bianchi, wanted to build a new organization with the deep knowledge of a consulting firm mixed with the nimbleness and flexibility of a start-up.

2002-2005: A growing focus on Life Sciences.

From 2002 to 2005, the growing Cutting Edge Information team produced management consulting reports for many different industries, with a growing focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the most successful early reports focused on key trends in business development and alliance management, outsourcing and resource allocation, early-stage marketing, and clinical development.

2006: Customized Consulting becomes a full business line.

In 2006, Cutting Edge Information formally added customized research and consulting to deepen its service offerings. Among the company’s large early projects were studies focused on new drug commercialization, therapeutic area portfolio management, and clinical trial department structure.

These successes led to more channels of research in areas including marketing, medical affairs and clinical trial management. Today these deep wells of historical and current research allow Cutting Edge Information to help clients assess their own positions and plot short- and long-term action plans for business improvement.

2007-Today: Moving and shaking.

As the company grew, Cutting Edge Information’s headquarters arrived at the present offices in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. The team has grown to a mid-sized boutique firm with dedicated research, consulting, marketing, account management and support teams.

Several years and over two hundred major reports and projects later, Cutting Edge Information is known globally as a provider of information that is unavailable anywhere else. More than 2,000 clients know that Cutting Edge Information’s focus on providing real-world, primary research means that every new study will contain unique insights.