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CEIConnect: The Life Science Industry's On-Demand Research Resource

Sick of purchasing research and having no way to ask questions?

Make Us Your Research Team!

All of Cutting Edge Information’s research is developed in-house. Our dedicated research team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Curious about certain metrics, a study’s methodology, or markets covered?  We’re here to help. Let us provide answers and delve into the data — so you can spend time on things that count. After all, time is money!

Worried about biased research and sponsored content?

Tap a Font of Objective Data

All of CEI’s research is free of sponsored projects and other biases. We develop our studies from the ground up, objectively defining topics and gathering information.  No one’s agenda shapes the findings.

Tired of the hunt and peck to figure out how to use a system?

Navigate Clear, Uncomplicated Pages

Called “The most user-friendly system we use” by one client, pharmaceutical research subscription CEIConnect is designed to be simple, uncluttered and straightforward.  With no add-ons or tie-ins, CEIConnect has one purpose: get you to the content you need.

Want to choose exactly what you buy and who gets access?

Control your Subscription and Users

Choose your pharmaceutical research subscription scope and users free of complicated pricing schemes and access limitations.  Interested in just one area?  Have a team that wants everything?  We’ll give you simple options for accessing countless data points across our libraries:

  • Medical Affairs
  • Market Access
  • Marketing and Commercial
  • Clinical Development
  • Plus more!

Want slides for a meeting or a presentation?

Download Files that Fit Your Needs

Pharmaceutical research subscription CEIConnect offers searchable content broken down into bite-sized pieces — so you get what you need when you need it.  That includes PowerPoint decks from our reports!  Don’t reinvent the wheel: If the slide exists, you might as well benefit from it!

Want to be the first to know about an emerging topic?

Get Early Releases of Brand-New Research

Whether it’s a new report destined for bestsellers status or a shorter piece on an exciting topic, you’ll see our findings before everyone else.  And don’t forget the exclusive content we create for subscribers only!

I find CEIConnect reports very useful. The information is comprehensive and quite detailed. The database is filled with many informative, insightful reports on a number of key topics of value and timely relevance to the field. They are obviously written by knowledgeable experts in the field.

Head of Strategy and Operations, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

I have told my internal clients that your reports were far more substantial and worth the money vs. First Word. I will steer my internal clients to Cutting Edge as I think that your reports are quality.

Associate Director, Librarian, Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company

I love Cutting Edge Information’s research because of the accurate, relevant topic discussions and terminology used.  The quality is fantastic and I feel like the reports were written just for my company.  We have other choices for data, but we prefer and appreciate Cutting Edge Information’s.

Sourcing Manager, Top 25 Pharmaceutical Company

The information you provided was accurate and positive. And evidence that I see Cutting Edge as a very useful resource in the field when I’m putting together presentations and data. You’re reliable, you’re evidence-based and you’re putting out a lot of information that people are interested in. We appreciate that for sure. As the Director of Research, I particularly appreciate that. I will pass that on to my people. And we value your analysts as resources too, or else we wouldn’t be calling you so often to give us insights into your experiences and things that will help inform our reports.

Director of Research, Small Pharmaceutical Company

I found the report interesting and well worth the investment of my time in the research phase.

Senior Director, Global Business Development, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

I want to congratulate you on all the super, super interesting reports, which I always find on the web site. I have to share with you how medical affairs could use this kind of report is to really advertise and to re-position internally the medical affairs function. Thank you, thank you, thank you – one and ALL.

Senior Manager, Global Medical Operations, Top 25 Pharmaceutical Company

I have to say that your after-sales service was excellent. I don’t get such help for other reports I have purchased before.

Internal Consultant, Multinational Bank

I can’t express how grateful and pleased I am with Cutting Edge Information. You all definitely don’t just “talk the talk” about great customer service, but your employees also “walk the walk.” You have a great team that is very customer focused – can’t beat that. This is the very thing that keeps customers coming back.

Senior Manager, Global Medical Operations, Top 50 Pharmaceutical Company

We have used your Thought Leader reports to lay-out our 3-year plans.

Associate Director, Medical Science, Top 25 Pharmaceutical Company

Insights You Count On

Market Access Library

Pharmaceutical research subscription CEIConnect gives you access to hundreds of thousands of metrics, CEI’s own research analysts, best practices and behind-the-scenes insights from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical technology companies of all sizes.

Analysts You Can Lean On

Market Access Library - Research out to CEI for help from our analysts

Bring us your questions!  We’ll tell you what we have and show you to the right research — unless the data you need is unpublished, in which case we’ll package it up for you as part of your membership!

Access You Can Rely On

24 hour access to CEIConnect Market Access Library

Accessible 24-hours a day around the globe, CEIConnect delivers high-quality, difficult-to-find primary information.