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Announcing the 2nd Generation CEI Travel Policy Report

Cutting Edge Information provides decision support for pharma and medical device leaders with primary data, benchmarking reports & customized research. While many FMV questions revolve around specific data points to contract with KOLs, this is often only one piece of the puzzle clients want answered.

Complying with industry regulation, organizations proactively seek ways to improve their travel policies when conducting any travel arrangements for HCPs. To provide additional support, CEI is updating its SRV1000 and SRV1100 reports – covering “Travel Policy Compliance for Engaging with HCPs” as well as “Compensation Caps for HCPs”. This will ensure sufficient yet compliant travel policy arrangements and regulations are met.

The second-generation Travel Policy Report will cover commonly asked topics. Some of the questions this report answers includes the more basic “Who Actually Coordinates the Travel Arrangements?” and “What are the Arrangements Made?” to more specific questions such as “How Should My Company Handle Multiple-Event Engagements in the Same Day?” and “How Should I Calculate How Much to Pay HCPs for Travel Time to Events?”. Many of these specific questions were narrowed down over the past year after identifying client interest and CEI research will now meet these demands this year.

Additionally, CEI is gathering data on logistical data such as meal allowances, hotel reservations, airline seats, and how regulations might limit certain expenses. All these questions will have answers in the new Travel Policy Report. Additionally, CEI plans to launch a new report covering Compensation Caps for HCPs later this year as well.

If you have any additional questions about the second-generations Travel Policy Report or would like to learn more about CEI’s SRV reports, please email research@cuttingedgeinfo.com.


travel policy compliance dataFor more information about Travel Policy Compliance for Engaging with HCPs, download the brochure here.







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travel policy compliance
Travel Policy Compliance for Engaging with HCPs
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Aggregate Spending Limits

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