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Are Dedicated CME Providers the Best Choice to Receive Your CME Funding?

Life science teams employ several different types of independent medical education providers.  These providers include dedicated third parties, hospitals, professional medical societies and academic institutions.  Several factors such as corporate goals, public perception, drug program type and cost influence the CME provider decision.

Cutting Edge Information’s Medical Education report explores the preferences and habits of medical education teams.  Figure 1 displays the types of organizations that teams most frequently provide with CME funding.  Each surveyed team indicated the type of CME provider they most commonly use as CME providers.

  • The most popular type of organization to receive CME funding is dedicated CME providers.
    • Just over three-quarters (77%) of surveyed teams most frequently fund dedicated CME providers.
    • As the third most funded option, 56% of surveyed team still have dedicated CME providers.
  • The most commonly funded organizations only include dedicated CME providers, professional medical societies and hospitals.
  • Of surveyed teams, 15% use professional medical societies as the most common choice to provide with CME funding.
  • Equal percentage of surveyed life science teams use hospitals, medical institutions and universities as their second most frequently funded CME provider.
  • One third of surveyed teams indicate universities as the third most frequently funded provider.

CME providers

The type of product may strongly affect the CME provider decision.  When a drug has a large patient population, teams often have more non-dedicated CME options than companies with rare disease products.  Due to the scarcity of data and smaller potential audience size, fewer medical organizations or professional groups may be willing to undertake CME programs for rare disease.  This forces teams with drug programs or limited patient populations to rely on dedicated CME vendors.

Some surveyed teams are hesitant to use dedicated CME providers and would prefer to use a more medically focused organization.  These teams may be concerned that using these companies will negatively affect their program reception, and therefore prefer to use other organizations such as hospitals or professional medical organizations.

To learn more about Cutting Edge Information’s Medical Education report, download the report summary here.

Matthew Doscher
Research Analyst

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