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Out Next Week: Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment Data

It’s proving more and more difficult for teams to find patients and enroll them in clinical trials. Worse yet, enrollment oftentimes take longer than projected (sometimes years!), and even when patients do enroll, attrition makes retention an ongoing problem.

Does this sound familiar? If so, read on. Here are some other common problems you may be facing:

  • Clinical groups design trials for ideal data collection, but sometimes fail to consider how patients respond in real-world conditions.
  • Sites don’t get nearly enough recruiting support in terms of budgets, expertise, and collateral materials.
  • Despite the challenges companies face with patient recruitment, no one seems to want to spend any time or money on it. Then when studies run into trouble, they wait too long to seek help.

All that being said, our patient recruitment data shows us that only 50% of companies employ patient recruitment strategies when conducting clinical trials. If you can relate to this list, Cutting Edge Information is here to help. Next week, we will launch our NEW report, “Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment: Accelerate Enrollment, Increase Retention and Reduce Costs.”

Be on the lookout!

Ryan McGuire
Head of Research

Clinical trial patient recruitment
Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment
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Emerging Markets Clinical Trials: BRIC Countries

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