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New Clinical Development Management Newsletter Aims to Accelerate Clinical Trials and Cut Costs

Pharmaceutical companies are looking in every direction for ways to reduce the total cost of clinical development without sacrificing product goals and time lines. Business intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information has responded by launching a brand new clinical development management newsletter to help meet the needs of pharmaceutical executives, clinical development professionals and CROs plagued not only by a troublesome economy, but by increasingly fickle FDA decisions.

“CEInsider: Clinical Insights Edition” provides high-value, firsthand insights from CEI’s clinical experts who immerse themselves in research and development efforts, competitive intelligence interviews and round table discussions on a daily basis. Their research and the newsletter are unavailable anywhere else in the industry. The newsletter will provide strategy tips to accelerate clinical trial processes, benchmark metrics against which companies can measure internal performance, and access to the competitor research that only the clinical analysts at Cutting Edge Information can provide.

“The clinical analysts at Cutting Edge Information believe that well-managed clinical development is becoming more important to the life sciences industry for both product revenue maximization and cost control,” said Adam Bianchi, chief operating officer at Cutting Edge Information. “We have an aggressive research calendar planned out that includes several new clinical benchmarking reports in upcoming months.”

Sign up by emailing Elio Evangelista at Elio_Evangelista@cuttingedgeinfo.com. As a bonus, you will immediately receive the new white paper, “Global Clinical Outsourcing: Are China and India Ready for Your Business?”

Ryan McGuire
Head of Research

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Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment
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Clinical Trials Latin America
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Emerging Markets Clinical Trials

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