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Outsourcing of Medical Information Call Centers a Rarity

Research Triangle Park, NC – 3/12/2009 – Medical information call centers, common among drug companies, have resisted the tide of outsourcing sweeping through other areas.

Thanks to the promise of cost savings, outsourcing has become an established part of doing business for companies in many sectors. Today, nearly every Fortune 1000 company outsources some part of its operations. Pharma and biotech companies are no different, according to pharmaceutical intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information.

However, a new study by Cutting Edge Information reveals that in one area, at least, drug companies overwhelmingly agree that in-house is better. The study, “Evolving Medical Information Call Centers through Performance Measurement and Process Improvement” (www.cuttingedgeinfo.com/medical-information), shows that 85% of pharmaceutical companies resist outsourcing of medical information call centers and utilize in-house call centers for their distinct advantages.

Call quality ranks number one on the list of benefits. Here’s why: When a company outsources its medical information call center function, the company hands over control of its customers’ call experiences to a vendor. When a call center remains in-house, however, internal employees manage that customer experience. Members of in-house teams, invested in brand success, are more driven to provide optimal customer service.

“Ensuring the best call experience must be number one on a medical information call center’s agenda,” says David Richardson, the report’s lead analyst. “While call center employees do not sell the product, they are selling the company. Physicians may not prescribe and patients may not take the company’s product after a bad experience with a call center.”

“In-sourcing” their call centers may even give drug companies a public relations win. With millions of Americans out of work due to the recession, companies that outsource jobs to employees in other nations stand to lose status in the eyes of Americans. As far back as 2004, a Zogby International survey found that 71% of American citizens believe that “outsourcing jobs overseas” hurts the US economy. Other surveys maintain that point of view, especially as unemployment rises.

“Evolving Medical Information Call Centers through Performance Measurement and Process Improvement” (http://www.MedicalInformationCallCenters.com/), a 94-page report, consists of three chapters:

  • Medical Information Structures, Headcounts and Budgets
  • Call Center Performance Measurement
  • Call Center Process Improvement

To view a complimentary brochure of this report, visit www.cuttingedgeinfo.com/medical-information.

Elio Evangelista
Senior Director, Commercialization

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