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Health Economics Field Forces: Shape World-Class HOL and MCL Teams to Deliver HEOR Data
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Cutting Edge Information provides primary research on a wide variety of life sciences management subjects. Our decision-support resources are built using a primary research methodology and designed for pharmaceutical and medical device executives.

Drawing on our industry expertise and rich relationships with pharmaceutical contacts across the life sciences industries, we provide primary benchmarking data and best practices to answer clients’ targeted questions, refine their strategic plans and overcome their specific operational challenges.


Our products and services are flexible enough to fit clients’ specific needs, making us the premier resource for pharmaceutical business intelligence.  Furthermore, we’re not a faceless information provider.  We’re here to answer our clients’ questions before and after they obtain data from us.  We want our clients to make the best decisions for their teams and organizations, and we believe our data can help them do that.

For more than a decade, Cutting Edge Information has been a go-to decision-support and competitive intelligence resource for large and small pharmaceutical, medical device and other life sciences companies.

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