Vs. Doing it Yourself?

Why choose CEI instead of finding the information yourself?

Because you already have a job!

Our clients come to us because they aren’t full time researchers or experts in research. They’re knowledgeable professionals with full-time jobs doing things that AREN’T pharmaceutical benchmarking research and implementation. Fortunately for them, that IS the full-time job of everyone at CEI.

“The IIS project generated so much interest from stakeholders that we are revising our processes, globally.” – Director, Global Oncology Marketing, Top 5 Biotech Company

Extensive Contacts

CEI has the extensive contacts needed to gather critical information; the third-party, objective reputation needed to build trust with experienced, knowledgeable life sciences executives and the skills and experience to analyze the data in the most useful format for your decision-making needs.

Don’t trust your luck! Your decisions will be consistently better when you make them with the right information and will give you the confidence to know you’re making the optimal move.

“Your team was quite flexible and worked within the constraints of our internal structure. Also appreciated the email routing of product and invoicing.” – VP, Top 5 Japanese Pharma Company