Vs. a Competitor?

Why choose CEI instead of a competitor?

Because we have the right blend of experience and client-focus!

Large company experience.

Large consulting and information companies will tell you that they “do” benchmarking, just as they “do” reengineering or “do” merger and acquisition guidance.

True, you will never be able to speak to the consultant’s executive team, nor will you be assured that the person who you worked with to contract the project will have anything to do with its execution, but you will have a large company to work with.

Small company client focus.

Individual consultants will point out to you their long experience in one specific area of life sciences.

They’ll point out that you’re the only project they work on for the next three months.

True, you will face the limitations of a specific person’s knowledge, time and expertise, but you will definitely have that person’s ear for the duration of the project.

We combine both worlds.

Now imagine you can have both the large company’s extensive reach AND the individual attention of the one-person shop. With CEI, you can! Our research team is just the right size to allow us to both draw on a variety of areas of expertise AND to allow you full access to both your original account manager and the consultants who do the research.

“My experience with Cutting Edge Information was very positive. The staff of Cutting Edge was helpful during the planning stage in adjusting the project to best meet my needs. They delivered exactly what I asked for, on time, and within budget. The information was pertinent, understandable, and useable for my stated needs. If the opportunity presents, I would not hesitate to again seek the services of Cutting Edge again in the future.” – Jimmy Black, PharmD, Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Amylin