What’s the Bottom Line?

“ I can’t think of any improvements to be made. Your sales team is very helpful at the point of sale and beyond.”

–Intelligence Analyst, Mid-Size Pharma Company

Here’s what you really
need to know.

Selecting from a wide range of options is a challenging task in an industry where even small decisions roll up into billion-dollar moves. We’ve put together the information below to help show that choosing CEI is both a strong and a safe move, backed up by our extensive experience and single-minded dedication to client service.

Our information is proven. Our team is experienced.

Our team has observed it all, chronicling and analyzing the changes and helping our clients understand what was happening then and what would happen next.

Our information is aimed – from the start of each study – at making you successful.

Our Research Team starts the process for building a study by incorporating the Voice of the Client, beginning with the selection of topics.  Everyone at Cutting Edge Information – from the CEO to the account managers to the interns – knows that it’s their job to listen to and capture the opinions and needs of our customers. These needs are communicated directly to the Research Team and incorporated into our Research Calendar – every project we do is informed by our clients’ needs.

Our customer service is our lifeblood.

Major report companies and report aggregators must achieve extraordinary daily sales totals to keep their businesses running, resulting in an inevitable reduction in one-to-one customer service.  As a strong boutique research firm, we are able to both cover the life sciences industry well and maintain strong one-to-one relationships with our clients.