Why Choose CEI?

95% of our customers say they’d buy again and would recommend us to a colleague –
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Cutting Edge Information is a boutique research firm serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and healthcare delivery industries.

Clients throughout the life sciences industries – from the world’s largest firms to the newest startups – use our research every day to make critical business decisions.

Doing it Yourself?

Because you already have a full-time job! Our clients come to us because they aren’t full time researchers or experts in research. You’re a knowledgeable professional with a full-time job.

Doing Without?

Because it’s not worth the risk! Imagine walking into a key meeting where you may be called upon to give critical information.  You’ll always be worried that you’re missing something.

A Competitor?

Because we have the right blend of experience and client-focus! We have a large company’s primary research contacts plus a small company’s responsiveness.

What makes us special?

See why we set the standard for Pharma reports and consulting.


Find out more about Cutting Edge Information and our beginnings.

the Team

Meet our Team Leaders and learn a bit about our background.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Here’s the bottom line on why you should choose us as your Pharma team.