Facilitate Brand-Specific Early Commercialization Activities

The window between Phase 3 and six months after drug product launch marks a pivotal time for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ commercial efforts.  As products move through the pipeline, companies shift from market preparatory activities — such as medical and scientific communications — to heavy commercial activities — such as advertising and promotional campaigns.  Drug and device companies are now getting an earlier jump on initial commercialization activities — targeting strategic communications with key audiences, such as healthcare providers, payers and consumers, well before product launch.  Continue reading

Pharma Launch Spending Patterns Shift from Market Prep to Promotion as Brands Progress towards Launch

David Richardson, pharmaceutical commercialization and launch expert
By David Richardson,
Director of Research

Though no two pharmaceutical brands’ commercialization strategies are exactly the same, the majority of companies follow similar launch spending patterns when launching new products. As brands move from early Phase 3 to approval and eventually launch, commercialization spending quickly shifts from market prep activities to advertising and promotion expenditures.

Our recent in-depth study of 15 pharmaceutical brands showed the degree to which decision support spending Continue reading

There Are Many Reasons for Non-Adherent Patients

In an earlier blog post, I discussed the cost of non-adherent patients — poorer health outcomes for patients and billions of dollars in lost product revenue. Low adherence rates have been a problem for a long time, plaguing not only the industry that develops products but also patients themselves, who do not realize the dangers of partial treatment. As companies seek to realize their products’ full potential usage and revenue, they are increasingly forming dedicated Adherence Teams to better understand why patients are non-compliant.

Reasons for non-adherent patients vary from simple forgetfulness to more complex social and financial issues. Continue reading

Data Sneak Peek: Which Groups Are Involved in Patient Adherence Teams?

The Research team is right in the middle of our new study of patient adherence and compliance, and we’ve now interviewed executives from a variety of companies in the life sciences industry about their patient adherence groups’ reporting structures and organizational charts.  Over half of all companies surveyed report having a dedicated team; the rest use staff on an ad-hoc basis.  While no two companies have exactly the same structure due to different needs and resources available, several trends have emerged. Continue reading

Even Amidst Patent Challenges, India Offers Growth Opportunities for Pharma

Pharmaceutical companies are looking to emerging markets to stimulate sales growth, especially in brands that have seen profits rapidly decelerate in established markets. But great success often comes with great struggles; and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Emerging markets introduce new challenges to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, such as cultural differences, language barriers, pricing considerations and manufacturing issues, among other issues. None, though, may be as frustrating as protecting intellectual property in other countries. Continue reading