HEOR Data Needs to be Tailored to Match Market Needs

Jacob Presson, pharmaceutical market access researcher
By Jacob Presson,
Senior Research Analyst

When health economics groups are working on developing HEOR data, they need to keep in mind the different gaps that the research may be needed to fill.  Depending on the market, whether right at launch or years afterwards, payers may see product’s position significantly strengthened by the appropriate HEOR data.  Developing the right information can require customization based on geography or based on the competitive landscape. Continue reading

Biosimilars, Biobetters and Captain America: The Future of Biosimilars in a World of Biobetters

Natalie DeMasi, clinical development and medical affairs researcher
By Natalie DeMasi,
Research Analyst

After being untouchable for decades, US biologics companies are finally facing biosimilar competition.  Well, sort of.  Cutting Edge Information’s report on counter-generics strategies found that the high cost of biosimilar production will not allow companies to price biosimilars substantially below that of the original product – meaning they may not have the same market impact that a typical generic would.  Instead, biobetters may be the next biggest thing to rock the biologics world. Continue reading

Protecting Profitability: Translating Strong HEOR to Drive Interactions with Medical Device Payers and More

Victoria Cavicchi, pharmaceutical social media researcher
By Victoria Cavicchi,
Research Analyst

Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) groups have carved out their place in life sciences organizations throughout the industry. Though pharmaceutical and biotech companies have long-since accepted the utility of this function, many medical device HEOR efforts have leveraged other groups to perform HEOR tasks — often ad hoc. Now, HEORs’ prominence is more widespread, and device companies are structuring health economics staff to take on a number of reimbursement-related responsibilities. One of these teams’ most prominent activities is aiding interactions with government and private medical device payers. Continue reading