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11.28.2011 Lifecycle Management

Top-Performing Lifecycle Management Strategies

By Michelle Vitko,Research Analyst Recently, I wrote a piece on the need for portfolio management teams to plan well ahead of patent expiry to maximize the number of tactics available to them to extend the lifecycle of the products in their portfolio....

11.7.2011 Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers Need to Think at Least 10 Years Ahead

By Michelle Vitko,Research Analyst The earlier pharmaceutical companies begin mapping out their portfolio management options, the more strategies will be available to them and the more success they will have in general. In fact, a senior director at a...

8.23.2011 Lifecycle Management

The Power of Line-Extension Tactics in Your Counter-Generics Strategy

Key Finding #4 from our Counter-Generics and Biosimilar Threats research: Short-term strategies are still the most popular, but line-extension tactics gaining favor. Over the past three years, short-term strategies, including litigation and defensive pricing,...