Portfolio Strategy

3.4.2014 Portfolio Management

Pharmaceutical Leaders Seek Focused Product Portfolios

By Ryan McGuire, Research Team Leader There is a surge in portfolio management activities going on in big pharma right now. Several CEOs have announced plans to refocus their investigational pipelines and divest marketed product lines that no longer...

6.28.2013 Portfolio Management

Pfizer and Sun Settlement: Bad Omen for “At Risk” Generics Launches

By Christie Shilling, Research Analyst Once upon a time, a generics pharmaceutical company launched a generic version of another company’s branded product before patent expiration. Many years passed, with both companies in court fighting over...

11.7.2011 Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers Need to Think at Least 10 Years Ahead

By Michelle Vitko,Research Analyst The earlier pharmaceutical companies begin mapping out their portfolio management options, the more strategies will be available to them and the more success they will have in general. In fact, a senior director at a...