Sales Reports

Pharmaceutical Sales Management

Pharmaceutical Sales Management (PH193)

Explore new strategies and tactics that sales forces use to overcome access barriers and provide customer value in today’s increasingly restrictive landscape.

Specialty and Hospital Sales Force Management

Specialty and Hospital Sales Force Management (PH151)

Build next-generation specialty representative and hospital field forces to increase reach and access in today's shifting healthcare landscape.

Canadian Pharmaceutical Sales Management

Canadian Pharmaceutical Sales Management (PH107)

Improve your field force with detailed Canadian sales benchmarks, strategies and in-field tactics.

Pharmaceutical Sales Training Groups

Pharmaceutical Sales Training Groups (PH89)

Harness sales training metrics and strategies to prepare your field force — and build a powerful, effective training organization.

Pharmaceutical Market Segmentation

Pharmaceutical Market Segmentation (PH82)

Improve physician and consumer pharmaceutical market segmentation from strategy through implementation.

Pharmaceutical Co-Promotion Management

Pharmaceutical Co-Promotion Management (PH78)

Investigate the delicate inner workings of successful co-promotions, including management, resource support and field strategy.